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Starseed Academy is now open for initiates of the great Mystery School of life! Our vision is to help those living on this planet in raising their consciousness through spiritual development and self-empowerment. The information shared here is meant for ALL souls, to accelerate the awakening process.

“Love is the way home.” Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Starseed Academy

Open for learning and exploration! Topics include: spirituality, meditation, ancient history, galactic civilizations, science, consciousness and the quantum reality.

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Additional educational material for further self study. The Academy Library is a repository of ancient texts and hidden wisdom. Seek and ye shall find.

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Visual media showcase to supplement learning materials. Browse through a range of keynote speakers, documentaries, movies and short films.

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News Articles

The latest information from the four corners of the Earth. Browse articles from talented researchers, journalists, spiritual teachers and a variety of channelled sources. Find out what’s really happening on our world.

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ET Disclosure

The latest information on the Disclosure Movement from all around the world. Browse through a range of articles and visual media documenting the disclosure process and the latest developments.

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It is important to keep an open mind when evaluating the information on this site but even more important to use discernment.
Don’t believe anything just because somebody told you. Test it out for yourself.

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