The following account won’t be found in any history text books, at least not yet. Civilizations have come and gone from the surface of our planet for over 500 million years. The Earth is a starseed to which external lifeforms have come from all over, combined with each other, generated new life forms, and left. The full history of our planet may never be known however some has been preserved inside the Hall of Records located beneath the right paw of the Sphinx in the Giza plateau, Egypt. There will come a time when this chamber and all its secrets will be revealed to the world. The Hall of Records contains the knowledge and artifacts of civilizations dating back some 5.5 million years on our planet.

It is no surprise that there is little physical evidence remaining of previous civilizations when you factor in that the surface of our planet is constantly changing and reshaping. Tectonic forces, ice ages, and magnetic and physical pole shifts are frequent occurrences in geological time on the Earth.

Archaeologists and anthropologists have established the age of modern man (Homosapien) to be around 200,000 years old. This is based on the oldest known modern human remains discovered near the Kibish Mountains in Ethiopia which have been dated to be 195,000 years old. Interestingly enough, geneticists have also confirmed this estimate based on the analysis of mitochondrial DNA in humanity. They have discovered that the entire human lineage, every single person on Earth, originated from a single female known as mitochondrial Eve, who lived approximately 190,000-200,000 years ago.

The conventional scientific model says that human origins began in Africa some 200,000 years ago, before migrating outwards and eventually replacing the Neanderthal as the dominant species on the planet. From this time forward we led a primitive tribal existence and it wasn’t until the neolithic revolution around 10,000 years ago when we began to develop agriculture and animal husbandry allowing for larger settlements. Then, 6,000 years ago (4000 B.C.) we began to advance at an astonishing rate. The earliest known human civilization, according to science, was located in the land of Sumer, or Sumeria in ancient Mesopotamia. Over the course of 300 years, humanity developed a complex system of writing, mathematics, astronomy, horticulture, medicine, and architecture and over the remaining centuries, after the rise and fall of many empires, here we are today.

There remains a lot of physical evidence to suggest that advanced human civilization began at least 10,000 years ago (4,000 years earlier than conventional science would admit), and maybe even further back still. According to German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, all truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as being self evident. Unfortunately, the culture within the scientific establishment mirrors this, when something doesn’t fit into the accepted paradigm it is automatically rejected. Weathering patterns on the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt suggest they are well over 10,000 years old, Gobekle Tepe a megalithic complex in Turkey has been dated to be over 12,000 years old, and many ancient cities are being discovered 400 ft underwater – which have to be more than 10,000 years old before the sea levels rose at the end of the last ice age. The subject of human history is a fascinating mystery with still so much waiting to be discovered.

The following information comes from a number of sources: scientific method, study of ancient records, and information passed on from Drunvalo Melchizedek and Thoth. By corroborating sources and connecting the dots, we are able to form a much more accurate picture of our history, detailing where we came from and how we got to this point in our story.

Human Origins

According to Zecharia Sitchin’s translation of cuneiform clay tablets unearthed in ancient Sumeria and corroborated by Thoth, there is another planet in our solar system called Nibiru. This planet has a very wide elliptical orbit of 3600 years that brings it’s perigee close to the Sun and apogee a distance 3 times the width of our solar system. This planet has a race of beings called the Nefilim who came to Earth 400,000 years ago, according to Sitchin, to mine gold. After around 200,000 years of mining gold the workers rebelled and it was decided to create a new subservient race to help in this endevour. Sitchin asserts we were created around 300,000 years ago but Thoth is more exact saying we were created approximately 200,230 years ago.

According to Thoth they couldn’t do it alone. They needed help and so our father race came from Sirius. A married family comprising of 16 males and 16 females traveled to Earth from Sirius B. Deep in the halls of Amenti, these beings merged consciousness with the Nefilim in a process that spanned over 2,000 years. After the conscious aspect and genetic manipulation was accomplished select Nefilim women gave birth to the first human beings. The “Gods” loved us as we were created in their image. The first humans were created to mine gold and some where sent to work in the gardens of E.DIN.

The parable of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is a metaphor for what took place. Our mother race, the Nefilim, were trying to maintain control of humanity, while our father race from Sirius, represented by the snake, wanted to share with us knowledge so we could grow. Once we gained the knowledge we became autonomous and began to reproduce on our own. The “Gods” were angry and kicked us out of the gardens. We were allowed to grow our own food and were left to develop on our own. We lived in the area of Mesopotamia for quite a long time. Fast forward tens of thousands of years and humanity underwent a shift in consciousness accompanied by a pole shift. Many of the survivors went into Africa and the most evolved were pulled to a continent sized string of islands in the Pacific ocean known as Lemuria.


Lemuria was a string of islands in the Pacific Ocean, connecting the Hawaiian Islands with most of Polynesia all the way down to Easter Island. During this time humanity had evolved to a high level of consciousness. We were primarily intuitive (feminine) in nature, inter-dimensional beings and were able to communicate through thought. The civilization of Lemuria flourished for around 70,000 years before the islands eventually sank leaving only the remnants visible today. The Lemurians knew the islands were sinking and had migrated away by this time, to the Americas, from Lake Titicaca in Peru up to Mount Shasta in California. During the time of Lemuria a couple by the name of Ay and Tiya discovered a way to become immortal during their physical lifetimes. They founded the Nacaal Mystery School to teach others the process of ascension and by the time Lemuria sank there were over 1,000 ascended masters. While the continent of Lemuria was sinking, new land was rising in the Atlantic. Eventually the Kundalini or spiritual energy of the Earth moved to this new land mass and the ascended masters began to re-establish a new civilization here, on the island continent of Atlantis.


The ascended masters traveled to the new continent and began to establish the pattern of the tree of life across its surface. This created vortex’s of energy in very specific locations that began to call forth the highly intuitive children of Lemuria and a great migration began. Each vortex represented a different aspect of consciousness and the Lemurians were attracted to the specific vortex that matched their nature. There were 10 vortex’s in total but over the course of Lemurian evolution we had only developed the nature of 8 of those 10 aspects. As a result of this the vortex’s continued to draw in life to fill these voids.

There were two extra-terrestrial races that joined in the evolution of human consciousness at this point. One race was called the Hebrew and they benefited our evolution in many ways by bringing in new concepts and experience that we had not yet developed. The other race which came in was from Mars, 1 million years in the past. Mars was a battleground and a dying world. A small group of around 1000 surviving Martians were able to travel forward in time and, without our permission, joined in the evolution of our planet. These beings brought a lot of problems with them. Martian society was taking part in an experiment in conscious which had ended in disaster. These beings where purely logical or left brained and had no connection to the right brain intuitive nature. As a result they had lost their emotional bodies, their spiritual connection to all life, and were completely ego driven and self serving. This is what ultimately lead to the destruction of their homeworld.

By bringing this level of consciousness into our evolutionary pathway, they changed the course of our history and almost destroyed our planet. At first the Martians tried to take over but failed as they were heavily outnumbered. When they realized this wasn’t an option they had no choice but to try and integrate. Aside from some minor conflicts things progressed relatively smoothly until roughly 16,000 years ago. A comet was heading towards the planet and was going to impact close to the island of Atlantis. The Atlanteans knew about this long before the event was to occur. The Martians wanted to blast it out of the sky with their externalized technology but the Lemurians knew it was part of the divine plan and wanted to allow it to take its natural course. After a lengthy conflict the Martians reluctantly gave in.

The comet entered the atmosphere and struck the ocean off the western shores of Atlantis (current day Charleston, South Carolina). A fragment of the comet also struck the island directly over the Martian colony wiping out a large portion of their population. From that point forward the surviving Martians severed their ties to the remaining Atlantean population and decided to take control of their reality and their destiny. It was decided to create an artifical Merkaba to control the consciousness of the planet, similar to the one used on Mars before they left. Over 50,000 years had passed since the Martians last attempted this and as a result they didn’t exactly know what they where doing.

The attempt ended in the largest catastrophe the world has known. The Martians tore open the lower dimensional levels causing spirits – that weren’t meant to be here – to pour in by the millions. “Picture thousands upon thousands of yowling, terrified, highly psychic, telekinetic entities whipping through the atmosphere and mind, body and spirit of the inhabitants. It wasn’t pretty.” Joshua Shapiro. The ascended masters repaired the dimensional tear as quickly as possible but many spirits remained trapped in this dimension. These spirits needed bodies to survive and as such every person was possessed by 100’s of these spirits. Things continued to deteriorate over the next 3,000 years as society collapsed and diseases ran rampant. Eventually we reached the point of no return and fell in consciousness, to the lowest level, rock bottom. 13,000 years ago, the poles shifted and the continent of Atlantis sank beneath the waves.

Unity Consciousness and the Christ Grid

The ascended masters knew this was going to occur and prayed for a solution that would heal everything. The answer came from the 11th and 12th dimensions: We would have to reach the next level of consciousness, which normally takes hundreds of thousands of years to do naturally, in the next 13,000 years, or we would not survive. During the time of Atlantis many more had joined the ranks of the ascended masters achieving immortality. The ascended masters had already achieved Christ consciousness naturally, over the course of human history. As a result of this, permission was given to the ascended masters to try an experiment that would potentially help us all reach this level of consciousness before we destroyed ourselves and the planet.

The consciousness of every single species is stored in electromagnetic grids that surround the planet. These grids are geometric in nature, one for every species that exists on the planet. There are three types of humans on the Earth today corresponding to three unique consciousness grids. The first grid is harmonic in nature and is still used by some indigenous cultures around the world, like the Aboriginals of Australia. The second grid is known as Polarity Consciousness and this is the grid that the majority of the human race is connected to. It is not harmonic in nature and any race that remains on this grid for too long will eventually end up killing themselves and the planet they are living on. The third grid is called the Unity Grid or Christ Consciousness. It is even more harmonic than the first human grid and this is the grid that everyone on Earth will be moving too very shortly. This process is known as planetary ascension. When everything is ready the Earth and every person on it, past and present, will move into a higher dimension, a new level of consciousness.

The ascended masters came up with a plan to recreate the Unity Grid (Christ Consciousness) artificially around the Earth. This was done through the science of Geomancy by manipulating the flow of energy around the Earth. By creating pyramids and sacred sites in specific places all around the planet, and through the use of special crystals and ceremony, the ascended masters were able to recreate this electromagnetic grid over the last 13,000 years.

Thoth, Ra, and Araragat traveled to the land of Khem (now ancient Egypt) which was lush rainforest at that time. They knew this was to be the location of the prime meridian for the new grid. They set about mapping the area we today call the Giza Plateau, creating the sacred geometrical structures for the first nodal point of the new grid. This was done 200 years before the pole shift that sank Atlantis. Thoth says it was he who constructed the great pyramid and it was done very quickly in about three days from the top down. Thoth, Ra and Araragat were very advanced 6th dimensional humans and everything was mapped out relatively quickly in the higher dimensions, before being slowly manifested here onto the third dimension over the last 13,000 years.

When humanity fell in consciousness, we basically had to start over. When the magnetic field collapsed and the poles shifted we passed through an electromagnetic null zone called the void. Most advanced civilizations have functioning Merkabas when these shifts occur that keep their consciousness intact. As we no longer had properly functioning Merkabas, when our grid collapsed, our memory was wiped and we had to start from zero. It was similar to taking an advanced super computer and wiping it’s drive. We had these really advanced bodies and capabilities but we had no knowledge. We became barbarians and had to re-discover everything including fire! It took roughly 6500 years of development, as we rounded the curve on the procession of the equinox, before we reached a point where the ascended masters could once again intervene.

Approximately 6,500 years ago, Thoth and one third of the ascended masters traveled to Island of the Sun in lake Titicaca in Peru, Araragat and another third of the ascended masters traveled to Tibet, and Ra and the remaining third of the ascended masters traveled to Khem (ancient Egypt) and began to re-establish civilization across the planet. We continued to develop on our own and every now and then they would return to reveal additional information that would propel us forward.

Fast forward to today. Congratulations Earth! You made it! The new Grid was completed in the late 80’s and was subsequently fine tuned over the last two decades. It has now birthed and is active. When mother Earth gives the signal, this reality and its limitations of fear and negativity will soon be a distant memory.