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Harvard Medical School recently published their findings on the benefits of Meditation after a comprehensive study on deep relaxation. “We found a range of disease-fighting genes were active in the relaxation practitioners that were not active in the control group” Dr Herbert Benson, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. They particularly noticed a large number of genes switched on for pain relief, infertility, high blood pressure and even rheumatoid arthritis. The physiological changes were as significant as any medical drug but without the side effects. The experiment demonstrated the link between gene response and behavior, mood and environment.

When the control group was asked to begin practicing relaxation methods the researchers found “After two months, their bodies began to change: the genes that help fight inflammation, kill diseased cells and protect the body from cancer all began to switch on.” The benefits of deep relaxation were also found to increase with regular practice meaning subjects were pain free with stronger immunity, healthier hormone levels and lower blood pressure. “Benson believes the research is pivotal because it shows how a person’s state of mind affects the body on a physical and genetic level” Anastasia Stephens.

The regular practice of meditation is a key component for any serious spiritual development and the expansion of ones consciousness. We know that our reality is an illusion. It does not exist. All that exists is pure consciousness. Meditation is the key to accessing this core part of your being. When you quiet the mind you tap into the flow of existence. From here everything is possible. Your creative potential is infinite.

Before you start you should observe the following for best results. Make sure you have a quiet place to meditate where you will not be disturbed. You could meditate on a bed lying down (but you might fall asleep), or a comfortable chair, maybe one that reclines, or even sitting down on a comfortable cushion, the choice is yours. Make sure your phones are turned off and if anyone is around, let them know not to disturb you for the next hour or so. Try to eat a couple hours before you plan to meditate, avoid heavy food so your not weighed down but enough food that you wont get hungry mid session. Also try and drink plenty of water a couple hours before you start, so you are well hydrated and remember to use the bathroom. The aim is to maximize comfort while minimize disruptions before you begin.

There are no rules when it comes to meditation and relaxation. You can meditate as often as you like for as long as you like. If you wish to incorporate meditation into your routine you should be aiming for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily. It takes time to achieve deep relaxation and you want to be able to enjoy this state once you achieve it.

Tip: Try hemisync, holosync or brainsync audio technology to help you alter brainwave patterns to achieve deep relaxation even faster.

Pranic or Conscious Breathing

Imagine a tube of light that runs down the center of your body corresponding roughly with the spine. The width of this tube can be found by connecting the tip of your thumb with the tip of your middle finger. Prana or the Universal life force energy enters the body through the crown and root Chakras and travels through this tube.

Start breathing rhythmically, same length of time in and same length of time out.

Inhale: See the Prana as a pure white light entering from above and below, entering your body and meeting at your lower heart Chakra. This is generally the lowest part of your breast plate where the ribs meet.

Exhale: See the prana forming a white sphere that is centered here at the lower heart chakra. The diameter of the sphere is roughly two hand lengths. On every exhale see this sphere filling up.

You can do this for as long as you like, filling yourself up and recharging with Universal energy.

Basic Meditation

The most basic form of mediation involves siting or lying in silence. Get comfortable and close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Focus on your breath and breathe rhythmically, same length of time in and out. As you breathe in, imagine your body filling up with Prana or Universal Energy, and as you breathe out let go of all stress and worries. Allow your body to relax. Keep breathing deeply and as your body starts to relax you will feel your energy channels beginning to open. You might see colors or lights or shapes or feel sensations. Just allow and observe. Try not to think. Any thoughts that come into your mind simply release them. Blow them out. If you find yourself loosing focus return your concentration to the breathing, or focus on the location of the third eye and just be. Eventually your mind will quiet down, your body will become totally relaxed. When everything becomes still while you are still conscious, you have entered into a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Just enjoy this state and allow what ever happens to happen. You are connected to the flow of existence.

Variation: Try meditating to music. Find some meditation and relaxation music to listen to while you repeat the above steps. Allow the music to take you deeper and indulge your senses.


Everything is made up of light, color and sound. Mantra is a method of tuning your vibration using different sound combinations. Using certain vibrational sound patterns you can achieve deep states of trance or altered consciousness. Most mantras originate from the ancient Sanskrit Vedas, sacred Indian texts, and are generally practiced within Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. There are many mantras with many different meanings and you can even create your own by chanting the names of beings you resonate with or words of power.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and when you are ready begin to chant aloud. You can try “Om” which is the vibration of Brahma or the Godhead/God or “Ah” which is the vibration of love. You could try chanting “Ah” while focusing on connecting with Mother Earth, or “Om” while focusing on connecting with the Universal Mind. With each deep breath allow your vocal chords to create the vibration field and feel it resonate throughout every cell in your body. Keep repeating with every exhale, “Ommmmmmm” *inhale* “Ommmmmm” etc.

Guided Meditation and Visualization

If you have difficulty silencing an active mind, perhaps guided meditations and visualizations will work better for you. Guided meditations are very powerful. By entering into meditation with a predetermined objective you can achieve powerful results by harnessing and focusing the power of the mind. There are guided meditations for healing, connecting with angels, accessing your higher-self, manifestation, receiving guidance, quitting smoking, releasing anxiety, general relaxation and lucid dreaming and astral travel. Just about anything you can imagine can be turned into a guided meditation. When doing guided meditations always keep your mind open and try not to be too specific when it comes to healing issues and manifesting. Sometimes we think we know what we want when it might not be what we expected. Trust in Spirit to lead the way and Spirit will manifest in ways that will surprise and delight you.

Some recommended guided meditations include: Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue, Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue, Gateway To Samadhi by Leslie Temple Thurston, Unity Breath by Drunvalo Melchizedek, and The Sacred Space Of The Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Chakra Clearing – Morning Doreen Virtue
Chakra Clearing – Evening Doreen Virtue
Sacred Space Of The Heart – Male (Logical) Way Drunvalo Melchizedek
Sacred Space Of The Heart – Female (Intuitive) Way Drunvalo Melchizedek
Unity Breath Drunvalo Melchizedek

If you like any of these please support the teachers in their work by purchasing their cd.

Visualizations can be created personally. Find a quiet place to meditate. You can meditate in silence or with gentle music. Begin to breathe deeply and relax your body. Once you have achieved relaxation you can begin to daydream and create your own visualization to help you accomplish your specific goals. If your looking to simply relax you might see yourself walking on a tropical island trail until you come to a waterfall in the rainforest where you decide to take a swim and soak up the sunlight. If you are wanting to manifest love into your life, visualize yourself surrounded by love, how it makes you feel, your perfect partner, and yourself giving love in return, know that it is and it will become a reality. You can create a visualization to help you manifest or heal anything you require.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection involves separating your astral or spiritual body from your physical body by transitioning to the Astral Plane on the 4th dimension. This transition is completely natural and occurs every night when you go to sleep. It is also where we go when the physical body dies. Our consciousness transitions all the time. Most people are not aware of these transitions however, allowing the subconscious mind to create a dream pool on the other side. You can consciously transition to the Astral Plane and explore this higher dimension with full awareness.

The physical laws are different in this dimension. The reality here is less dense and more energetic. Everything is accomplished by thought and manifestation is instantaneous. You can view an object from all sides simultaneously, walk through walls and fly. Any mental constructs you have created in the third dimension can be recreated here to make the reality more familiar or you can break these and create anything you wish.

Once you are on the Astral Plane, in order to wake up, all you need to do is will yourself to wake up and you will. You are connected at all times to your physical body by an etheric chord which pulls you back like a bungee cable. Your physical body has an awareness which doesn’t require your conscious presence to preserve itself. If something happens to your environment in the 3rd dimension the body knows and will pull you back and wake you up. You might experience a temporary sleep paralysis where you are unable to move while your consciousness reconnects with the body, but don’t panic it’s only temporary. You will also wake up if you become too excited or emotional on the Astral Plane. Try to control your excitement and remain focused. You are completely safe at all times. You cannot die while you are on the Astral Plane, you are immortal there with full creative control. Your physical body will not die while you are there either, the etheric chord is only cut by high level angelic beings at the time of death which is also based on your decision and timing.

Time and reality work differently in the 4th dimension. You will see things there that do not exist here in the 3rd dimension and do not translate by way of explanation. To view other times and places you need to remain very focused and be very specific with your intentions. You can also meet people that have crossed over and converse with higher forms of consciousness. Try learning to teleport or translocate. If you have trouble, try focusing on a spot a few feet in front of you and, realizing you are pure energy, will yourself to move there. You can also try closing your eyes, picturing the location you wish to be, and focus all your energy and intention on that place. Spin around in circles knowing that when you stop and open your eyes you will be at this place. If you loose concentration and focus, your subconscious will eventually take over and you will slip into a dream pool and continue sleeping and dreaming. If you find yourself being fearful close your eyes and think about those people, animals and places that fill you with love and you will raise your vibration. Have fun and play with the possibilities.

Technique 1 Get ready for bed, make sure you are wearing comfortable, loose clothing and that you are warm enough. When you are ready close your eyes and focus on your breath. Perform some deep breathing exercises while focusing on each part of your body and allowing it to relax. You can do this by tensing each muscle and releasing it until your whole body is relaxed. From here bring your attention or focus to the third eye and be still. Remain focused on this single point and relax. Allow your body to fall asleep but keep your consciousness focused on a single point. If you have any thoughts going through your head it will keep you awake. In this case you could try doing a lot of physical activity during the day to ensure you are physically tired. Eventually your body will begin to feel very heavy. This is the start of the body going to sleep. After a time your body will begin to feel lighter and lighter and eventually you may feel like you are floating. This is the point where the astral body will begin to separate from the physical body.

You may hear electrical sounds like static and you may feel your body begin to tingle or vibrate. This usually occurs in the heart chakra and will feel like an airplane engine taking off. You may feel your body surging with energy, remain calm and focused or you will wake up at this point. After a few moments everything will go quiet and you will feel yourself floating. You are now on the astral plane. Moving at first can quite difficult to get the hang of. If everything is dark, will yourself to roll to the floor and stand up and open your eyes. Perform a test to see if you are on the astral plane, pull your finger with the intent of stretching it, jump with the intention of floating or try push your hand through the wall. The wall will feel dense but you will be able to push through with a little effort. Remember everything is accomplished by thought. Try exploring.

Technique 2 This technique is similar to above. During the day choose a room in your house and walk around it paying close attention to every single detail. Later that night, get ready for bed and begin the process of relaxing the body, same as above. When your body is relaxed take your focus to this room in your house. Mentally, begin to recreate it and visualize it, walk around and view every single detail just as you did during the day. Keep doing this, moving through your house and after a while your body will fall asleep and you will find yourself in your astral body in the room you are visualizing. Perform the tests above to confirm you are indeed on the astral plane.

Technique 3 Another effective technique is to oversleep and catch yourself at the moment you wake up. Try this on a weekend when you can sleep in. When the body oversleeps it continues to feel tired and sluggish and it is easier to project. When you wake up in the morning or through the night, catch yourself, keep your consciousness and body still, don’t let thoughts in or allow the mind to wake up, and the body will return to sleep and you will project a lot easier and faster. Try focusing on your third eye or the pineal gland in the center of your head and just be still.


  • If your body is active and physically tired it will speed up the process of falling asleep.
  • Try meditating before hand to clear your mind and move into astral projection techniques from here.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more you do it the easier it will become.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming could be described as conscious dreaming. Being aware that you are dreaming and being able to direct your dream as you like. When you go to sleep at night your consciousness transitions into the 4th dimension. Your astral body separates from your physical body and you begin to create and dream. Most of the time when people are dreaming, it is the subconscious mind in control, directing the dream imagery. There are a number of ways to trigger a lucid dream, either by waking up within the dream, or by consciously falling asleep and phasing into the dream.

Technique 1 The easiest approach to trigger a lucid dream is to program your mind as you fall asleep. When you are ready to sleep lay down and get comfortable. Take a few deep breathes and repeat the following intentions over and over in your mind. “When i’m dreaming… i’ll know i’m dreaming.” You need to repeat the intention over and over in your mind. With a little perseverance your physical body will eventually go to sleep and you will program your subconscious mind in the seconds before you fall asleep, while you are in the hypnagogic state. In this state you are open to suggestion similar to hypnosis, and you can program your subconscious mind with your intention to know when you are dreaming. If it works you will become conscious inside the dream and realize you are dreaming. You can now take control of the dream. You can wake up anytime just by willing yourself to wake. You will find if you become too emotional inside the dream you will wake up as well. Try to control your excitement and focus.

Technique 2 This approach involves programming your daily routine with certain cues to help you trigger a lucid dream during the evening. Try wearing a watch and getting into the habit of checking it every hour or so. When you check your watch ask yourself “Am i dreaming? Is this a dream?”. Try pulling your finger with the intention of stretching it, try pushing your hand through a wall, or try hoping with the intention of floating. If you can repeat these a number of times through the day your subconscious may recall the programming when you go to sleep at night. You may be in a dream and you check your watch then you ask yourself “am i dreaming?” and suddenly you realize you are in a dream!

Technique 3 As you go to sleep, relax your body completely and begin to daydream or visualize. Create your own dream and keep focused on this. If you are successful the body will fall asleep and you will automatically phase into this dream with full awareness.

Note: While Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming are essentially the same thing, trying to Astral Travel from within a dreampool or subconscious created imagery can be very difficult. You will not know what is dream imagery and what is actually physically there on the Astral Plane. For this reason the techniques have been separated.

Psychic Shielding

Everything is pure consciousness and your thoughts create your reality. As such, you can shield and protect yourself from external influences all through the power of thought with your focused intention. If you feel a negative presence, or need to clear negativity or you find yourself in a harsh energy environment, try the following visualization exercises as forms of psychic shielding.

Technique 1 Useful if you find yourself engaged in a fight or argument of any description, or if you feel attacked or provoked. Close your eyes if you can, take a few deep breathes, and ask Archangel Michael to help shield you from all negativity and mediate all energy exchanges between individuals. Ask him to cut all etheric chords (energetic attachments to people and situations) from around your body and envision Archangel Raphael sending healing energy in both directions of these chords, dissolving them completely. Remember that all life is one and remain centered. Michael will bounce away all negativity with his shield and use his sword of light to cut away all energetic connections.

Technique 2 If you are in a crowded place or harsh energy environment, envision yourself surrounded by a ball of lead (one of the densest metals that block all forms of energy and radiation) or gold (inert and just as effective as lead at blocking all radiation). Picture this lead or gold sphere 3 meters in diameter centered around your physical body. Know that you will not be affected by any stray energy, and invoke Archangel Michael for even stronger protection. For ultimate protection envision the exterior of the sphere coated in a mirror finish reflecting away everything that comes your way.

Technique 3 For space clearing and protection. Connect with Spirit, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Jesus and Buddha (or whichever masters you resonate with), members of the galactic federation helping our planet, our Pleiadean, Sirian and Arcturian brothers and sisters, and ask them to clear your space and keep you shielded, safe and protected at all times. Envision your body surrounded by an impenetrable white light, and your environment filled with the highest energies of love. Request that all lower energies, entities and negativity be transmuted and escorted away and ask for an angelic presence to maintain the peace and protection of your space at all times. This is all you need to do to set your intention and it is done.

Unity Breath

The Unity breath meditation connects your heart to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Universe. When this connection is formed the holy trinity is alive on Earth and a special vibration enters into your spirit. You are the divine child connecting with your divine mother and your divine father in love. As you do this meditation, it is not enough to mentally think you love the Earth, you need to really feel it in your body.

Close your eyes and center yourself. Begin to breathe rhythmically. See a place in nature that you find yourself drawn too, it can be a forest, or a beach, a desert, there may be animals, anywhere in nature that you feel connected to the Earth. See this place and experience this place with all your senses. Feel your love for this place and let this love grow until you feel it throughout your whole body. When you begin to feel this love in your body, send this love down to the center of the Earth with your intention and just be. Mother Earth will send her love back to you. When you feel this love coming back to you, allow this love to move through out your entire body, your mental and emotional bodies and your light body. Hold no place back from this love. Feel this connection and when you are ready, without breaking your connection to the Earth, shift your attention to the sky. You can visualize the Sun, or you may see the milky way galaxy streaming through the night sky. Feel your love the Father, the rest of creation, and allow this love to build until you feel it throughout your whole body. When you are ready send this love to the Sun, or to the center of the Galaxy whatever feels right for you. When you feel the love coming back from the rest of creation allow this love to move throughout your whole body, your mental and emotional body and your light body. Again hold no place back from this love. You are now connected to mother Earth and Father Sky, the rest of creation, in love. See yourself and recognize the divine child in you. You are an innocent child in the eyes of God, perfect in every way. Feel the love you have for yourself and allow it to move through your whole body. At this moment the holy trinity is alive on the Earth. You, the divine child are connected in love to mother Earth and the rest of creation. See this as a triangle of love, you on one point, the earth on another, and the sun on the last. You are dearly loved, your mother and father would do anything for you. Allow this love to fill you up and feel it through your body. When we receive we must also give. Allow this love to expand to a point and then just let it go, back through creation, through all the dimensional levels and everything that you are, back to source, at the speed of thought. You are now in the flow of existence. Love is coming into you and radiating back out through all of existence. Be still with God and allow whatever happens to happen.

Merkaba: Human Light Body

Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body. The Merkaba is another word for the human light body. It is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body in the form of a star tetrahedron. The Merkaba is the field of light capable of carrying your consciousness from one dimension to the next, and for that reason is also called the vehicle of ascension. When activated and functioning this field can be programmed to directly manipulate the reality around you. When activated from the heart through unconditional or divine love, the Merkaba becomes a living field. This field is an extension of you, controlled by your consciousness. Proceed with caution when undertaking this meditation and ensure that you fully understand the instructions and are doing it correctly. If you require further information I would refer you to the Flower of Life Vol. 1 and 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

This is one method of recreating the living Merkaba field around your body. It is a left brained, logical, male pathway (this just describes the nature of the information), and it requires discipline and a few months to a year of continued practice before the field becomes permanent. When you are aware of your Merkaba, 90% or more, of the time in your daily life and you are breathing consciously (rhythmic Pranic breathing with an awareness of Spirit) then chances are it is fully functioning and permanent. There is an easier way to create the Merkaba field, permanently and instantly from within the sacred space of the heart. This process is only taught by the School of Remembering and Awakening The Illuminated Heart facilitators worldwide, founded by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

There are 17+1 breaths. The first 6 balance the bodies electrical/energy systems, the next 7 are to create proper flow of Prana throughout the body, the 14th breath shifts your awareness from 3rd to 4th dimension, then breaths 15-17 recreate the living Merkaba field around the body. Breath 18 is not taught, the information will be given to you from your higher-self when you are ready to proceed. The 18th breath will take you through the speed of light into the 4th dimension (ascension). You will literally disappear from this world and reappear in another which will be your new home for a little while. This marks the beginning of your return home to God.

The star tetrahedron can be broken down into two triangular pyramids. The upward pointing pyramid is called the Sun tetrahedron and the downward pointing pyramid is the Earth Tetrahedron. For Males the base of the sun tetrahedron points to the front, while in females the base of the sun tetrahedron points to the back. The length of any of the sides of the tetrahedrons is the width from the tip of one middle finger, across your chest, to the tip of the other middle finger when your arms and hands are completely outstretched. The tip of the sun tetrahedron extends one hand width (with fingers outstretched) above the head.

The meditation is broken down into focusing on different aspects of the star tetrahedron with the Sun and Earth tetrahedrons at the start. There are actually 3 star tetrahedrons super imposed over each other, one is stationary, the other rotates counter clockwise looking out from your body, and the remaining field rotates clockwise looking out from the body. These counter rotating fields will be programmed to spin at different ratios when the Merkaba is engaged. Finally throughout the meditation you be required to observe specific mudras for each breath. A mudra is a specific hand and finger position. The different mudras connect different parts of your energy system together.

If you can, perform the Unity Breath meditation before entering into the Merkaba meditation. This will greatly enhance the meditations effectiveness by first centering yourself in love. Take your time when learning this meditation and get it right. Practice the first 6 breaths until you know them by heart, then add the next 7 and so on. Without further ado:

Merkaba Meditation

Original Source transcribed from the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

  • FIRST BREATH: On The Inhale

HEART: Open your heart and feel love for all life. If you cannot do this, you must at least open to this love as much as is possible for you. This is the most important instruction of all.

MIND: Become aware of the male tetrahedron (the apex facing up to the sun, the point facing to the front for male, the point to the back for females) filled with the brilliant white light surrounding your body. Visualize it the best you can. If you cannot visualize it, sense or feel it surrounding you.

BODY: At the same moment of inhalation, place your hands in the mudra of your thumb and first finger touching. Remember, lightly touch your fingers, and do not allow your fingers to touch each other or any other object. Keep your palms facing up.

BREATH: At this same moment, with empty lungs, begin to breath in a complete yogic manner. Breath through your nostrils only, except at certain places which will be described. Simply put, breath from your stomach first, then your diaphragm, and finally your chest. Do this in one movement, not three parts. The exhale is completed either by holding the chest firm and relaxing the stomach, slowly releasing the air, or by holding the stomach firm and relaxing the chest. The most important aspect is that this breathing must be rhythmic. Begin by using seven seconds in and seven seconds out, but as you get familiar with this meditation, find your own rhythm. The following instructions for a complete Yogic Breath are from “the Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath” by Yogi Ramacharake. Perhaps this description will be helpful.

Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part of the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphragm, which descending exerts a gentle pressure on the abdominal organs, pushing forward the front walls of the abdomen. Then fill the middle part of the lungs, pushing out the lower ribs, breastbone and chest. Then fill the higher portion of the lungs, protruding the upper chest, thus lifting the chest, including the upper six or even pairs of ribs.

At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements. This, however, is not the correct idea. The inhalation is continuous, the entire chest cavity from the lowered diaphragm to the highest point of the chest in the region of the collar bone, being expanded with a uniform movement. Avoid a jerky series of inhalations, and strive to attain a steady continuous action. Practice will soon overcome the tendency to divide the inhalation into three movements, and will result in a uniform continuous breath. You will be able to complete the inhalation in a few seconds after a little practice.

Exhale quite slowly, holding the chest in a firm position, and drawing the abdomen in a little and lifting it upward as the air leaves the lungs. When the air is entirely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen. A little practice will render this part of the exercise easy, and the movement once acquired will be afterward performed almost automatically.



MIND: Become aware of the female tetrahedron, (apex pointing to the earth, point facing to the back for males, point facing to the front for females), also filled with the brilliant white light

BODY: Keep the same mudra.

BREATH: Do NOT hesitate at the top of the inhalation to begin the exhalation. Exhale quite slowly, approximately seven seconds, in the Yogic manner. When the air is out of the lungs, without forcing, relax the chest and abdomen and HOLD the breath. When you feel pressure to breathe again, after about five seconds or so, then do the following:

MIND: Be aware of the flat equilateral triangle at the top of the female tetrahedron located in the horizontal plane that passes through your chest at the sternum. In a flash, and with a pulse like energy, send that triangular plane down through the female tetrahedron. It gets smaller as it goes down and pushes out the tip or apex of the tetrahedron all the negative energy of the mudra or electrical circuit, a light will shoot out of the apex toward the center of the Earth. The Mind exercise is performed along with the following BODY movements.

BODY: Move your eyes slightly toward each other, or, in other words, slightly cross your eyes. Now bring them up to the top of their sockets, or in other words, look up. Also, this looking up motion should not be extreme. You will feel a tingling feeling between your eyes in the area of your third eye . You can now look down to the lowest point you can, as fast as you can. You should feel an electrical sensation move down your spine. The MIND and BODY must coordinate the above mental exercise with the eye movements. The eyes look down from their up position at the same time the mind sees the triangular horizontal plane of the female tetrahedron move down to the apex of the female tetrahedron. This combined exercise will clean out the negative thoughts and feelings that have entered into your electrical system. Specifically, it will clean out the part of your electrical system that is associated with the particular mudra you are using. Immediately upon pulsing the energy down your spine, you change mudras to the next one and begin the entire cycle over again. The next five breaths are a repeat of the first breath with the following mudra changes:

  • Second breath mudra: Thumb and second finger together
  • Third breath mudra: Thumb and third finger together
  • Fourth breath mudra: Thumb and little finger together
  • Fifth breath mudra: Thumb and first finger together (same as first breath)
  • Sixth breath mudra: Thumb and second finger together (same as second breath)

The first part, the first six breaths, the balancing of the polarities, and the cleansing of your electrical system is now complete. You are now ready for the next part, the next seven breaths.

Here an entirely new breathing pattern begins. You do not need to visualize the star tetrahedron at this time. Only the tube that runs through the star, from the apex of the male tetrahedron above your head to the apex of the female tetrahedron below your feet, needs to be seen and worked with. This extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. The diameter of YOUR tube will be the size of the hole formed by YOUR thumb and forefinger touching.


HEART: Love. There is another refinement here that can be used after you have perfected this meditation.

MIND: Visualize or sense the tube running through your body. The instant you begin the seventh inhale, see the brilliant white light of the prana moving down the tube from the top and up the tube from the bottom at the same time. This movement is almost instantaneous. The point where these two light beams meet within your body is controlled by the mind and is a vast science known throughout the universe. In this teaching however, we will only be shown what is necessary , that which will take you from third to fourth dimensional awareness. In this case you will direct the two beams of prana to meet at your navel, or more correct, within your body at navel level, inside the tube. The moment the two beams of prana meet, which is just as the inhale begins, a sphere of white light or prana is formed at the meeting point about the size of a grapefruit centered on the tube. It all happens in an instant. As you continue to take the inhale of the seventh breath, the sphere of prana begins to concentrate and grow slowly.

BODY: For the next seven breaths use the same mudra for both inhale and exhale, the thumb, first and second touching together palms up.

BREATH: Deep rhythmic Yogic breathing, seven seconds in and seven seconds out. There is no holding of the breath from now on. The flow of prana from the two poles will not stop or change in any way when you go from inhale to exhale. It will be a continuous flow that will not stop for a long as you breath in this manner, even after death.


MIND: The prana sphere centered at the navel continues to grow. By the time of the full exhale, the prana sphere will be approximately eight or nine inches in diameter.

BREATH: Do not force the air out of your lungs. When your lungs are empty naturally, immediately begin the next breath.


HEART: Love.

MIND: The prana sphere continues to concentrate life force energy and grow in size


MIND: The prana sphere continues to grow in size and will reach maximum size at the end of this breath. This maximum size is different for each person. If you put your longest finger in the center of your navel, the line on your wrist defining your hand will show you the radius of the maximum size of this sphere for YOU. This sphere of prana cannot grow larger.

  • NINTH BREATH: Inhale

MIND: The prana sphere cannot grow larger, so what happens is the prana begins to concentrate within the sphere. The visual appearance is that the sphere grows BRIGHTER.

BREATH: Sphere grows brighter and brighter as you inhale.


BREATH: As you exhale, the sphere continues to grow brighter and brighter.

  • TENTH BREATH: Inhale

MIND: About half way through this inhale, as the sphere continues to brighter, the prana sphere reaches critical mass. The sphere ignites into a sun, a brilliant blinding ball of white light. You are now ready for the next step.


MIND: At the moment of exhale, the small sphere two hand lengths in diameter bulges to expand. In one second, combined with the breath talked about below, the sphere expands quickly out to the sphere of Leonardo, out at your finger tips of your extended arms. Your body is now completely enclosed within a huge sphere of brilliant white light. You have returned to the ancient form of spherical breathing. However, at this point, this sphere is not stable. You MUST breath three more times to keep the sphere stable.

BREATH: At the moment of exhale, make a small hole with your lips and blow out your air with pressure. As you feel the sphere begin to bulge, all within the first second of this exhale, let all of your air out rapidly. The sphere will expand at that moment.


MIND: Relax and just feel the flow of the prana flowing from the two poles and meeting at the navel and then expanding out to the large sphere

BREATH: Breath rhythmically and deeply. At the end of the thirteenth breath you have stabilized the large sphere and are ready for the important 14th breath.



MIND: On the inhale of the 14th breath, at the very beginning of the breath, move the point where the two beams of prana meet from the navel to the sternum, the fourth dimensional chakra. The entire large sphere, along with the original sphere, which is also still contained within the large sphere, moves up to the new meeting point within the tube. Though this is very easy to do, it is an extremely powerful movement. Breathing from this new point within the tube will inevitably change your awareness from third to fourth dimensional consciousness, or from earth consciousness to Christ consciousness.

BODY: This mudra will be used for the rest of the meditation. Place the left palm on top of the right palm for males and the right palm on top of the left palm for females. It is a mudra that relaxes.

BREATH: Rhythmic breath and deep. However, if you continue to breathe from your Christ center without moving on to the MER-KA-BA, which is what is recommended until you have made contact with your Higher Self, then shift to a shallow breath. In other words, breath rhythmically but in a comfortable manner where your attention is more on the flow of energy moving up and down the tube meeting at the sternum and expanding out to the large sphere. Just feel the flow. Use your feminine side to just be. At this point don’t think, just breath, feel and be. Feel your connection to All Life through the Christ Breath. Remember your intimate connection with God.

The Mer-Ka-Ba, The Vehicle Of Ascension

The Last Three Breaths

You are asked not to attempt this FOURTH PART until you have made contact with your Higher Self, AND your Higher Self has given you permission to proceed. This part should be taken seriously. The energies that will come into and around your body and spirit are of tremendous power. If you are not ready, you could hurt yourself. If your Higher Self gives you permission to enter into the MER-KA-BA, then don’t fear for you will be ready!



MIND: Be aware of the whole star tetrahedron. Realize that there are three whole star tetrahedrons superimposed over each other. One is the body itself, and is locked in place and never, except under certain conditions, moves. It is placed around the body according to maleness or femaleness. The second whole star tetrahedron is male in nature, it is electrical, is literally the human mind and rotates counter-clockwise relative to your body looking out, or to put it another way, it rotates toward your left side. The third whole star tetrahedron is female in nature, is magnetic, is literally the human emotional body and rotates clockwise relative to your body looking out, or to put it another way, it rotates toward your right side.

To be clear, we are not telling you to rotate the male tetrahedron one way and the female the other way. When we say rotate the whole star tetrahedron, we mean the whole thing.

On the inhale of the fifteenth breath, as you are inhaling, you will say to yourself, in your head, the code words, EQUAL SPEED. This will tell your mind that you want the two rotatable whole star tetrahedrons to begin spinning in opposite directions at equal speeds at the time of the exhale. Meaning that for every complete rotation of the mind tetrahedrons, there will be a complete rotation of the emotional tetrahedrons.

BODY: Continue the mudra of the folded hands from now on.

BREATH: Breath Yogic and rhythmically an deeply again, but only for the next three breaths, after that return to the shallow breathing.


MIND: The two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning. In an instant, they will be moving at exactly one third the speed of light at their outer tips. You probably will not be able to see this because of their tremendous speed, but you can feel it. What you have just done is to start the MOTOR of the MER-KA-BA. You will not go anywhere, or have an experience. It is just like starting the motor of a car, but having the transmission in neutral.

BREATH: Make a small hole with your lips just like you did for breath Number Ten. Blow out in the same manner, and as you do, feel the two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning.


MIND: As you let out the breathe, the two sets of tetrahedrons take off from their one third speed of light setting to two third speed of light in an instant. As they approach two thirds speed of light speed a phenomena takes place. A disk about 55 feet in diameter forms around the body at the level of the base of the spine. And the sphere of energy that is centered around the two sets of tetrahedrons forms with the disk to create a shape that looks like a FLYING SAUCER around the body. This energy matrix is called the MER-KA-BA. However, it is not stable. If you see or sense the MER-KA-BA around you at this point, you will know it to be unstable. It will be slowly wobbling. Therefore Breath Number Seventeen is necessary.

BREATH: Same as breath 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure. It is at this point that the speeds increases. As you feel the speed increasing, let out all your breath with force. This action will cause the higher speed to be fully obtained and the MER-KA-BA to be formed.


HEART: Remember, unconditional love for all life must be felt through out all of this meditation or no results will be realized.

MIND: As you breathe in, say to yourself, in your head, the code NINE TENTHS THE SPEED OF LIGHT. This code will tell your mind to increase the speed of the MER-KA-BA to nine tenths the speed of light which will stabilize the rotating field of energy. It will also do something else. This third dimensional universe that we live in is tuned to 9/10 the speed of light. Every electron in your body is rotating around every atom in your body at 9/10 the speed of light. This is the reason this particular speed is selected.

BREATH: Breathe rhythmically and in a Yogic manner.


MIND: The speed increases to 9/10 the speed of light and stabilizes the MER-KA-BA.

BREATH: Same as breath 15 and 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure. As you feel the speed take off, let all your breath out with force. You are now in your stable and Third dimensionally tuned MER-KA-BA. With the help of your Higher Self, you will understand what this really means.


This very special breath will not be taught here. You must receive it from Your Higher Self. It is the breath that will take you through the speed of light into the fourth dimension. You will disappear from this world and reappear in another one that will be your new home for awhile. This is not the end, but the beginning of an ever expanding consciousness returning you HOME to your FATHER.

Sacred Space Of The Heart

Just as the brain emits an electromagnetic field so to does the heart. The fields created by the heart are the strongest created in the human body, 100,000 times electrically stronger and 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the fields created by the brain. These toroidal fields radiate outwards 12-15 feet from the body and can be measured by modern instruments. When human conception takes place and cell division begins, the first part of the human being that is formed is the heart. Before you even had your body you were just a heart. Then the tip of the tongue emerges from the heart and then the rest of the body is formed and the heart is tucked away inside the body. The heart is older than the brain, and it has it’s own consciousness. Medicine has shown that there are also brain cells located within the heart. This consciousness is different from the brain, it only knows the oneness and unity of life. This consciousness is located inside of your physical heart in what is known as the sacred space of the heart. Along time ago we were heart centered beings with the heart guiding the brain. Over time we severed that connection and moved completely into our heads. You can re-establish this connection by moving your consciousness into the heart.

First you need to locate the sacred space of the heart. In order to find this space you need to have a certain vibration in your Spirit. This vibration is attained by first performing the Unity Breath (above) before starting the following exercise. The easiest method to find the sacred space is as follows: Use a face mask so that you are in complete darkness. Throughout the exercise set your intention to move into the sacred space of the heart. Visualize your consciousness as a small ball of light in the pineal area in the center of your head (looking out the same direction as the eyes) and rotate your consciousness 90 degrees so you are looking down towards your feet and begin to move, down into your throat. Feel this area and when you are comfortable move down until you see the heart. When you reach the heart, move around behind it (looking out the same direction as the eyes) so your physical heart is visible in front of you. Take a moment to notice it. Look for a fold, or a crevice, or a hole or vortex. Move towards this area and allow the vortex here to draw you in gently. When you finish moving, you will now be in the sacred space of the heart. Feel the difference here. Feel the vibration and hum it aloud if you can, this will help you find this space faster next time. It will be dark so you can ask for light by saying “Let there be light”. It may come fast or slow, it may be bright or dim, everyone’s inner vision is different. You may not see anything at all you may just have a feeling or a knowing. From here you can access the Akashic records of your soul. Explore and get to know this place, what do you see?

Somewhere within the sacred space of the heart is another area, one octave higher in vibration. This is known as the tiny space of the heart. The tiny space of the heart is the heart of God, intimately connected to all existence. This is where creation first took place. From here you can communicate with your higher-self, and any other person you wish. If two people are truly in the tiny space of the heart and wish to communicate with each other, they will have the exact same experience. From here you can access the Akashic records of the entire Universe. What ever you dream from within this space will manifest in the outer world and become your reality. Once you are in the sacred space of the heart, to find the tiny space, all you need to do is move with your intention. Will yourself to move into this space and when you stop, know that you are there. Ask your higher-self to come forward and allow whatever happens to happen. Remembering the vibrations of these spaces will help you to locate them quicker and easier, simply by connecting with that vibration.

In addition to the above movements, you should also activate your pineal gland (physically do this every day for 2 weeks and it will become permanent, you can reactivate the beams by thought). The other thing you can practice while doing the above exercises is to massage the roof of your mouth with your tongue, at the point where the hard palate meets the soft palate. You may feel a bump or a hole here. This process connects the heart to your brain and may feel like a sexual stimulation. Continued massaging will cause the brain to begin firing alpha brainwaves.

Important: If you would like to know how to activate your MerKaBa from here, ask your higher-self or contact an Awakening The Illuminated Heart facilitator from Drunvalo’s School Of Remembering. This is serious work with far reaching implications. The above method is completely safe for you to reconnect with and explore this part of yourself. When you activate the MerKaBa you are reactivating very powerful dormant abilities. This is not to be taken lightly, once the MerKaBa is activated you can perform the final breath which will result in your ascension. You will completely disappear from this reality move into the 4th dimension. This is the reason this information is only passed down through his school and is protected, to ensure you have complete understanding and to ensure the integrity of the information, for your own safety!

The following information and guided meditations offer three possible pathways to help you find the sacred space of the heart. They are not gender specific.