The human experience is characterized by three elements, Mind, Body and Spirit. They are the keys to life and vitality. These three elements share a symbiotic relationship and function together to form our experience. When these three aspects are aligned and in harmony, we are whole and complete. When there is imbalance, we need to take a holistic approach to healing by addressing all parts of an individual, not just by treating the physical symptoms that manifest.

Holistic healing can be considered an alternative/complimentary approach to medicine which takes into account all factors of a persons lifestyle including, their physical, mental, and emotional health, their spiritual beliefs, and other social and environmental factors. The aim is to bring balance to all areas of an individuals life in order to achieve wholeness, to live healthier and to achieve peace and happiness. Let’s examine these components in greater detail so we can understand how they function together, and how we can maintain a healthy balance to make the most of our lives.

The Mind

Your thoughts create your reality. Remember the Law of Attraction: ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. You are able to draw into your experience, anything you desire, simply by focusing your intention on it. Learning how to control and process your thoughts to prevent the ego from “coloring” your reality, is a vital skill we must learn on the the path toward self-mastery. If we allow our thoughts to run rampant we are handing over our creative potential to the subconscious mind and the ego which will continue to create an unbalanced polarized reality.

Your mental and emotional state has a direct physiological effect on the body. Emotions trigger biochemical responses from the brain which alter the chemistry of our bodies. When we experience negative or fearful thoughts and emotions our brain releases stress hormones into the body. Cortisol elevates the heart rate, increases sugar in the bloodstream, suppresses the digestive system, alters immune system responses, and affects reproduction and growth processes. Long term exposure to stress hormones puts people at risk for many health problems.

Fearful thoughts lower your frequency or vibration. The energy of love is the fabric of the Universe. Fear is simply an absence of love or movement away from this energy. Love and light are the active properties while fear and darkness are passive. What do we mean by this? If you were to strike a match in a dark room, no matter how much darkness was in the room, it could not prevent the light from shinning forth.

Fearful thoughts and emotions will also slow down and restrict the flow of energy throughout the body. Science has shown us that emotions are responsible for activating and deactivating the codon sites around the body. These are responsible for converting the amino-acid chains into protein molecules which are the building blocks of life. By deactivating codon sites we are cutting of vital life-supporting functions in the body, which results in increased health risks.

Now you can see some of the ways in which your thoughts and emotions directly affect your reality. Fear and ego based thoughts and emotions disconnect us from life while loving thoughts and emotions strengthen our connection to life. When you are able to catch and release fear based thoughts, you are beginning to take control of your reality. By choosing to remain centered and connected to the Universal life force, your own life is strengthened and rejuvenated, and you have found the balance between the mental and the emotional bodies.

So how do we cultivate a loving mindset? Understand that the reality of separation created by the brain is an illusion. The Universe is built from the energy of love, it is the foundation of existence. There is only one consciousness, one Spirit that moves through everything, all life is one. Life is perfect, whole, and complete.

Know that this experience we collectively dreamed up is coming to an end. We are moving back to the original template or state of Unity. We need to release old thought and energy patterns that keep us tied to this false reality by learning to forgive, learning to let go of judgment, learning to love and by becoming self-empowered. Understand that you are God and you create your reality. Now is the time for humanity to wake up and remember. It is time to move back into the heart, back into unity consciousness.

The Body

The physical body is the vessel that houses your consciousness for your experience in this dimension. The human body is an advanced system of interconnected parts with its own intelligence or biofeedback system. The body knows what it needs to maintain proper functioning and it will communicate this with you through your intuition, your inner thoughts and feelings.

As a general guide, the body requires three things for optimal health: Exercise, Sleep and Nutrition. Exercise is important for a number of reasons. Doing daily practices such as Yoga or Tai Chi help release any physical blocks that are preventing the proper circulation of energy through-out the body. Regular exercise also boosts vitality, helping to combat health problems and diseases, improving your mood and boosting your energy. It also promotes better sleep, fights obesity, boosts your sex drive and keeps you looking and feeling great!

Another essential component for optimum health is sleep. Periods of deep relaxation and restful sleep engage the body’s restorative and repair functions. The amount of sleep we need varies across age groups and from person to person. Recent studies have shown that life expectancy is lower for those not getting enough sleep and those sleeping too much. Adults should be sleeping 7-9 hours a night and children anywhere from 10-13 hrs depending on their age. Cultivating good sleep habits is important for your physical well-being.

The last ingredient necessary for optimal health is good nutrition! After all you are what you eat. Eating a lot of dense heavy foods like meat lowers your vibration and effects your energy field. You may even absorb some of the negative energy from the animals experience during the slaughtering process as these stress hormones remain embedded in the meat. You will also feel sluggish after eating a heavy meal as the body diverts more of its energy towards digestion. Eating lighter, fresher foods will boost your energy levels and help you access even higher frequencies as you expand your consciousness. If you are thinking of changing to a vegetarian based diet you will need to know the right food combinations before substituting meat completely. It takes time for your body to reconfigure itself to handle a new diet. Moving to a vegetarian based diet from a heavy meat diet could take up to a year before your body re-calibrates completely.

When it comes to food, as a general rule of thumb: closer to nature is better! Use lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes and spices when creating your food. Try to minimize the amount of meat consumed, the body doesn’t require a lot for proper functioning. Lean meat 3 times a week should suffice and try eating more poultry and fish as opposed to red meat. Avoid glutenous foods (wheat products and related cereal grains like barley and rye), long-life and processed canned foods, artificial additives, lots of high-fat fast food, and anything high in sugar. The nutrient uptake and energy absorption from these foods is very low and will create more work for your body to eliminate the toxins. Over time, a build up of these foods will lead to health problems. Sugar also creates big problems for the body as it shuts down the immune system and leads to many health problems including: diabetes, obesity, depression, yeast infections, candida, cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, liver damage, mineral deficiencies, and mental side effects.

Good nutrition is a matter of common sense, everything in balanced moderation. Eat a good mix of foods and remember that closer to nature is better. Super foods and foods high in nutrients and antioxidants are always a good choice, for example: beans, avocados, goji berries, blueberries, seeds and nuts. Combining beans and rice is an important combination for vegetarians as the body needs both to create the protein complex usable by the body. Avoid drugs and consumption of alcohol as these will also impact you negatively, although there are many studies that indicate a glass of red wine or a beer and the occasional use of marijuana have many beneficial properties. As a general guide your diet should be 30% protein based and the remaining 70% should be plant based.

Pure water is the most important element required by your body, but try to avoid drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water. These unnecessary chemicals will also have adverse health effects over the long term. On a side note: Dr Masaru Emoto demonstrated that we could change the crystalline structure of water by programming it with our consciousness. Positive thoughts and emotions generated crystals of complex symmetry and structure while negative thoughts generated chaotic and distressed forms. Our bodies are 70% water so imagine what our thoughts are doing to us? Remember love is a high frequency wavelength where fear is a long slow wave length. This ties into the experiments of Dr Hans Jenny in the field of Cymatics, passing high frequency vibrations through a medium to generate increasingly complex patterns. You can program your food, like Dr Emoto showed with water, and maximize its life giving properties by praying or blessing your food before eating. Your intention is the important factor. Recognize and acknowledge where the food has come from, be thankful for its life giving energy and ask the body to absorbing only that which it needs and discard the rest.

Lastly, the body needs sunlight to create vitamin D, which is one of the most important vital nutrients for the body and the cure for most diseases. There are spiritually advanced people living on the planet today that don’t eat food at all. They are called Breatharians and they believe they can absorb everything they need from the breath and the air. This belief aligns their DNA and the reality reflects this. They have created this through their understanding of the human energy system. By drawing in the universal life force also known as Prana, they are able to sustain themselves. It’s not that big a stretch when you realize that we eat animals, animals eat plants, and plants eat sunlight. We are all eating a denser form of light energy.

The Human Energy System

Your physical body is just an image. All that exists is pure consciousness. Your heart, brain and body emit electromagnetic fields that directly interact with the energy reality around you. We are also open to energetic influences that we may not be consciously aware of. These energy exchanges can effect us in different ways and if you are in a negative environment you should practice a form of psychic shielding to neutralize this. See Psychic Shielding section under Meditation: Inner Tools For Spiritual Development.

Recall that everything in our reality can be broken down into light, sound and color. This also applies to different emotional states and thought patterns. This spectrum of energy is distributed and processed by different energy centers found in the human body called Chakras. Each Chakra has different properties and handles different aspects of the human experience. By learning how to balance these energy centers and release energy blocks, we are able to maintain proper functioning of our subtle energy body resulting in good health and an expanded awareness or consciousness.

Universal energy or Prana, enters the body through the crown and root Chakra. It moves along the central axis of the body, through the tube of light or Shushumna, that corresponds roughly with the spine. The width of this tube can be determined by touching the tip of your middle finger to the tip of your thumb. This energy passes through the seven major energy centers where it is processed and used by the energy body. There are other Chakras and new ones coming online as we move through the ascension process, but all are usually brought into alignment through the proper functioning of the major seven that run along the central axis of the body. We have also included the 13 Chakra system from the ancient Egyptian tradition, in the diagram for your reference. The Godhead is located one hand length above your head, while the remaining Chakras are separated by a set distance, the same distance between your chin and tip of your nose.

Chakras appear as vortexes of energy that spiral inward from the front and back of the body. Energy blockages generally correspond to fears and insecurities related to the Chakras core functions and can be healed through meditation. Simply focus on each Chakra and feel for any blockages. Examine the fears causing these blockages and release them without judgement. Cleanse the Chakra with a brilliant light that dissolves away all darkness and and see the Chakra shining and spinning brightly.

Root Chakra: Survival
Location: Base of the spine at the perineum
Color: Sapphire Red
Crystals: Red Jasper and Obsidian
Functions: Grounding/Earth connection, survival, physical and material needs, security

Sacral Chakra: Sexuality
Location: Between the root chakra and the navel (about 2 inches below the navel)
Color: Vibrant Orange
Crystals: Amber and Carnelian
Functions: Sexuality, emotions, relationships, self worth, creativity, empathy

Solar Plexus Chakra: Power
Location: Between the navel and the solar plexus, in your stomach area
Color: Sun Yellow
Crystals: Tiger’s Eye and Citrine
Functions: Personal power, will, energy, metabolism, effectiveness, self esteem, identity, happiness

Heart Chakra: Love
Location: Center of the chest
Color: Emerald Green
Crystals: Malachite and Rose Quartz
Functions: Love, understanding, trust, forgiveness, compassion, hope

Throat Chakra: Communication
Location: Just above the base of the neck
Color: Deep Blue
Crystals: Turquoise and Aquamarine
Functions: Communication, sound, truth, self-expression

Third-Eye Chakra: Intuition
Location: Just above brow ridge, center of forehead
Color: Indigo/Purple
Crystals: Amethyst and Lapis
Functions: Intuition, clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling/touching), clairaudience (hearing/listening), clairalience (smelling), claircognizance (knowing), clairgustance (tasting), communication with higher-self

Crown Chakra: Spirituality
Location: Top of the skull, center of the head
Color: Violet.
Crystals: Clear Quartz and Moonstone
Functions: Spirituality, universal consciousness, gateway to higher dimensions, connection to God


A spiritual man understands his relationship to God and through this realization has access to enormous creative potential. Add to that the support and counsel of the higher-self and the legions of light, the archangels, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, star cultures and other forms of consciousness and the spiritual man wields tremendous power in the light of love. This power is directed for the sole benefit all life everywhere.

There is only one Spirit that moves through all things. You are part of this vast consciousness and you can connect with this part of yourself at any time through meditation. When you still your mind, you open yourself for communication with Spirit. Setting aside time to meditate and cultivate a strong connection with your spiritual aspect is essential if you wish to expand your consciousness. The guidance that comes from within will accelerate your evolution and take you exactly where you need to be.

A recent poll of 20,000 participants conducted by Coast to Coast AM, found that 81.7% of people believe in life after death. There is an inner knowing or awareness of Spirit that exists within most people. This knowing can be hard to define and is usually what drives people to search for the truth. What is truth? Every individual interprets the same world differently. This stems from a subconscious set of mental filters formed from a persons beliefs and experiences. Truth is therefore in the eye of the beholder. The truth is whatever you make it. You decide.