The epic journey of Mankind has been a triumph of the human spirit. Humanity has thrived under some of the most difficult conditions of any planet in the Universe. Like a caterpillar before it becomes a butterfly, humanity stands on the threshold of a major transformation. Very soon, major changes will begin to sweep across the globe as we enter into a transformation of consciousness.

The 20th Century: The Two Faces Of Man

Most of what we have been told about world events over the last century, and our entire history for that matter, is completely false. There has been an information war going on for quite some time now for control over the minds of the global population. Over the last few centuries, certain families and key individuals have risen to power by taking control of the global financial system. Today they are part of a hidden society that secretly dictates and directs world events according their own goals and agenda.

By controlling the money they are able to control just about every facet of modern civilization and western society, including government, media, pharmaceuticals, energy, science, technology, food, agriculture and education. By suppressing any information and technologies that threaten control of their global empire, they are able to carry on dictating the unfolding of world events.

Turn off the news and save your energy. It is important to be aware that we have been manipulated throughout history so you can disconnect from this mind control system and direct your energy in a more positive and constructive way. The future direction of our world is decided by every single person on Earth through the collective consciousness. 1% of the worlds population controls about 99% of the worlds wealth. The inner most circle of the wealthy elite consists of a committee of around 300 people. The truth is that they have very little power to direct world affairs without control of the minds of the global population.

“They are people. Like you. Do not make them they and you us. You are all they, you are all us… If you wish to make changes then unify and make them… When the people lead the leaders will follow. So lead, the way. There is no us and them except as an illusion you have created on your planet. Don’t succumb to the idea of giving your power away to others. Take your power back in a positive and constructive and loving way. Let these people know that you recognize, they are only acting out the fear they have inherited from all of you! Educate them, as you educate yourself. Work together. Form new partnerships. Teach them that it can be a very positive, expanding, constructive thing for everyone. Teach them that there is no such thing as lack. Teach them that there is enough for everyone… so they will not have to operate out of fear. Teach them, that change can be positive. If you know these things to be true do not sit back. Be those people. Be they. Be us.” Bashar

December 21st, 2012: Transformation Begins

The following information comes from Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Itza Mayan Council and the Mayan Council of Guatemala.

The true significance of the Mayan calendar end date and the changes we are about to go through are not understood by most people. According to the Maya we have entered the “end of time” window, which began in October 2007 and closes at the end of 2015. The chain of events leading up to the transformation of our consciousness will commence at any time during this window.

Dec 21st, 2012 is the date in time when the heart of the Earth, the heart of the Sun and the heart of the Galaxy are connected in perfect alignment. It signifies the end of the current cycle of human evolution and the begining of a completely new cycle. The Maya believe this world is a dream that we all created a long time ago and we are about to wake up. We are about to enter into a new way of being, which is actually very old. It is a remembering process.

It is Transformation. People are fearful of the unknown and fearful of rapid change. Most people are worried they won’t have enough food or water or that they will be killed by disasters but that’s not what is happening. We are going through a change in consciousness, everything that is out of balance in the old world needs to change and transform. That’s the governments, religions, banking institutions and so on. The old world is a world created from the brain.

The brain creates an ego that sees us as being separate from the reality. We judge everything along neutral, positive and negative lines. It is a function of how the brain works and how it interprets the one reality. Very soon, this way of being will no longer exist on our planet. Fear and negativity will only be a memory. As the old ways begin to dissolve away, new ways will replace them, ways that are refreshing, loving, kind and easy.

We are about to return to a level of consciousness that understands the unity and interconnectedness of life. This way of being comes from the heart. The heart knows that there is only one spirit moving through everything in existence, one flow of energy. The reality created from this space only serves to benefit all life everywhere. From this level of consciousness we will remember that we are God. From this level we will be able achieve anything instantly on any level of existence imaginable. The Maya say the Universe will open up to us and we will be able to move anywhere, be anywhere we want to be. We are about to gain control of the dream state of the heart. This sounds unbelievable to the modern world but this is what our ancestors are telling us.

This is a unique and special time in the history of our world. Beautiful changes are here. It is a time to get excited about. We will only move forward in the most positive way. We may have a few challenges ahead as we bring this cycle to a close but you need not fear. We will make this shift in consciousness before everything falls apart. All you need to do is live and breathe from your heart. Be honest with yourself and make the changes you need to make to bring the balance back into your life. Recognize that we all share the same spirit, that we are all one and allow your actions to reflect this.

The Destiny of Mankind

The following may sound like something from a science fiction novel but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. In 1972 there occurred an event that changed the course of history for all mankind and ultimately the entire Universe. Our Sun was in the process of transforming into a red giant with the resulting expansion going out beyond the orbit of the Earth. It was hoped that humanity would be ready to shift consciousness to the 4th dimension prior to this event but it became apparent that we were not ready and we were not going to survive.

Permission was given to our father race from Sirius to intervene in an attempt to prevent our extinction. With their advanced technology they created a hologram surrounding the planet that would simulate our reality as if nothing had happened. For a brief period of time they took control of human consciousness. When humanity was back on track our freewill was restored. There was however, an unexpected side effect. Life decided to try something different this time around. It decided to speed things up.

It quickly became clear to those observing us from outside the experiment that we were developing at an accelerated rate never seen before in the Universe. What this means isn’t entirely clear but as a result of our accelerated evolution the entire Universe is now closely monitoring our tiny little world to see what happens next. Evolutionary steps that would normally take hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years to reach normally, will be achieved by us in what will feel like 2 years. The initial shift in consciousness is just the beginning. We are blazing the trail home and the rest of life will soon follow. We are about to move through evolution at the speed of light!

The Dimensional Shift

What is the experience of a dimensional shift? The following information comes from the Flower Of Life teachings by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Understand that a dimensional shift, a shift in consciousness, and ascension are one and the same thing. This overview is a generic account of how these shifts normally take place as observed on other worlds. Normally there is a period of chaos that lasts anywhere from 3 months to a year or more, created by the weakening magnetic fields of the planet which begins to affect the consciousness of the species about to move through the shift. It can be a dangerous time in which society and all its structures begin to collapse. The ascended masters believe we have largely voided that scenario and will most likely experience this shift in a different way. The only notice we may get will be in the hours before the shift occurs. Drunvalo estimates about 14 days of chaos/notice before the shift takes place.

6 hours before the shift. This is a very strange time when the 4th dimension begins to seep into the 3rd. You may wake up one morning feeling fine and you go about your day. You may be sitting down for a meal or in the shower when you start to feel a little strange. Suddenly an object floats out of the wall infront of you. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The shape is indescribable and it appears to be glowing from its own light source, made of colors you have never seen before. You may think you have a brain tumor and run into your bedroom but before long these objects will be appearing everywhere. If you can, do not touch one of these or you will be pulled instantly into the 4th dimension. It would be better to allow the transition to follow its natural course. If it can’t be avoided it is the will of God.

By now you might be freaking out wondering what on Earth is happening. The walls of the house may begin to become translucent and all man made objects will begin to dissolve back into their natural elements. As a result of this, the house is becoming very unstable and starting to crumble all around you. Only houses constructed out of natural materials, for example stucco mud dwellings, will remain intact. All synthetic materials, advanced steel compounds, plastics begin to disintegrate all around you. You run outside to find these glowing objects all around you as the man made world begins to dissolve. You run into nature where it is safer and you sit down on the grass and start to breathe. Things are more stable here apart from the glowing objects all around you. You begin to meditate and connect with the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Universe. You open your eyes to find a thick fog rolling in. The fog envelopes you completely and begins to change color turning into a deep red. No sooner than it becomes red it shifts to orange, then to yellow, then to green, blue, indigo and violet. Suddenly the world reappears around you becoming completely translucent shifting to translucent gold. Suddenly everything goes dark and the world you once knew no longer exists.

You have entered the void, the area of nothingness that exists between dimensions. The Maya speak of this time as the three days of darkness where you can’t see anything at all. It can last anywhere from 2-3 days. There is nothing to do now but wait, you may even start to dream. Stay centered in love, and just relax. After what might feel like an eternity, suddenly there is an explosion of bright white light the likes of which you have never experienced before. The light is tremendously bright and all encompassing, surrounding you, consuming you, you may feel like you are the light. You have just been birthed into a new world. It will take a while before your eyes begin to adjust to the brightness of this new dimension. The laws of physics no longer apply here, the reality here is a product of your thoughts. Manifestation is instantaneous and you will most likely begin to create similar structures from the old world to help you make sense of this new world. At first people tend to get really excited about this. They heal their bodies and make themselves look really beautiful. Another thing they do is to give themselves all kinds of money but it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot more to this world and the old structures quickly fall by the wayside. That is when our new civilization really begins.

Drunvalo has stated that we will all be moving on together regardless of who you are. This foray through the 3rd dimension has come to an end. We may transition into this new world through death, resurrection or ascension individually or with the planet, it does not matter. The people from our past, and all our ancestors, everyone who has been part of human consciousness, will be moving forward together. The 4th dimension is ready and waiting to receive every single one of us. It doesn’t matter about your level of understanding, everyone will be healed, aligned and balanced and taught how to make the necessary steps in order to remain here and the knowledge of how to continue on. Once we have adjusted, we will all meet on a certain overtone of the 4th dimension before continuing on, together. This grand cycle of creation has come to an end and everything is about to be recalled back to source, starting with humanity. This is an amazing time in the history of our world, a truly monumental blessing for all humanity. It is a time to get excited about, you need not fear anything, just remember the truth that all life is one, and that you are God and God cannot be harmed.

Side Note: We are also presently surrounded by over 300,000 star cultures right now. They are observing us and they love us and they are here to help. They will make themselves known when the time is right. Know that life is perfect, whole and complete. It always has been and it always will be. Love is the only way home.