Disclosure Talk by Richard Dolan: Citizen Hearing Lectures

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Posted by Beth Trutwin on April 30, 2013 at http://galacticroundtable.org/


What I have noticed for years is people like to talk about Disclosure. Either people have a Utopian idea or they want to make the desserts bloom and make everything new.

Post World War II Era – The Origins of UFO Secrecy what came to me through a scientist through the UFO community is technology not made by Human Hands

Threats to the structure of Power You have these artifacts that are incomprehensible.

WW II Homeless people, on the brink of starvation – the Atomic Bomb created a new world. The beginning of the Cold War.

The Problem of Oil – Even a child can tell the are not using gasoline – maybe Zero Point Energy maybe Nuclear Fusion – something that does not have any thing to do with Petroleum. That was a bad thing in 1947.

Everything is dependent on Petroleum – there are a lot of jobs tied up in the oil industry – it was the engine for the world economy.

Social Control – not every one would take this calmly the news of Disclosure.

Rupell said How can we convince people the aliens are not hostile if we are not sure. Too many unanswered questions.

Foo Fighters were part of the scene in WW II –

Twinings says – no there is nothing we need to do about these UFOs describing them he said – silent, great acceleration speeds – domed on top – flat on bottom.

I wrote an article Twelve Documents Which Take UFOs Seriously – can read this on my website http://Keyholepublishing.com


We will consider the idea of telling people later – but first we need some information.

We have all these artifacts we need to study – thatʻs expensive – so immediately they have to go Black Budget. The Security is more expensive than the experimenting. There has to be an infrastructure underground, it takes money to manage the media, academia -and others. There are layers and layers to the Black Programs. CIA has had relationships for years and years with media. All media is really under our thumb. You have to control the academic community. One of the worlds leading debunkers of UFOs was Menzel and he had high connections to the NSA. Menzel would be there to smack down any good information on UFOs.

You need a way to study this technology where everyone is not looking over your shoulder.

In terms of the information we have been able to get on UFOs – most of the stuff is just above the water. Then there is a classification called unclassified. Then there is below the water – confidential – secret – top secret Then there are private contractors and clicks and they control these as far as we can tell.

Imagine we have unlimited money and intelligence and we can invent the future. What if you have break-thrus even better than this? What if someone masters electrogravitics – or some form of free energy. OK thatʻs good – thatʻs not going anywhere – but weʻll keep working on it. In our whole infrastructure is dependent on oil. We would then engineer our own flying saucers – we could build our own craft – but we couldnʻt share it with the rest of the world.

We would use it to go around the solar system. Before you know it we would become our own society. Our World View – our Cosmology would be different. We would have a different social interactions – we would become a Break – Away civilization.


1964-65 the NSA had ver fast computers – the real world did not achieve those speeds until 2000 – 35 years later. NSA was not known to publicly exist until 1964.

Its like an invisible Empire can explore Earth Orbit and beyond – A Base on the far side of the Moon? Could be. Some credible leaks have indicated so.

Better Science and Cosmology.


The President or the guy who puts the President in the White House – David Rockefeller. It is absolutely true he was responsible for making these guys President. Jimmy Carter famously so. When Reagan was campaigning he singled out George H W Bush. Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski one ran the Republican Party – one ran the Democratic Party. President has to kiss babies, get on tv. How many Black Projects does he know about? Probably none. Make it their business to rob foreign countries of their treasury. This was written in a book of Confessions of A Hitman.

It is impossible to get a handle on the size of Black Projects.


Our society has a complete disconnect between reality and what is being shoved into our heads 24/7. The reality of our world – do they feel they must lie – they must distract us? It just makes everything easier. How do we spend most of our days? Sit down and shut up. We show up to jobs and sit there and work – following someone elses orders.

How Do We Know What We Know?

It is very difficult to know what we know. We must be cautious in our conclusions. The Disclosure of this reality is inevitable.

We talk on Skype anywhere in the world – Our world is completely different now.

I researched much about Artificial Intelligence. It really interested me.


IMAGINE BEING THE PRESIDENT having to Announce this reality. Could be through a series of leaks?

High level CIA said to me – the Disclosure topic comes up every 5 years or so – the question being – How Do We Handle This? Interestingly – maybe not a surprise to you – One of the problems is lawsuits. Corporate Lawsuits. If I am a defense contractor and my competitor had information – that is a violation of fair trade. That alone was a daunting prospect no one wanted to deal with. And now we are in an era of Wikileaks – wikileaks cables did help to spark the Arab Spring.

Seems to me we are getting to a point where their might be a major mass sighting that could hit a sweet spot and hit the ball out of the park. Problem is many UFO videos – many are uninvestigated and many are hoaxes. I do believe it is matter of time. We have to have faith in the rapidity of the rate of change we are in.

What if something happens and it forces the President to say something because it cannot be denied. Now he has to make his statement.

First problem – Spin Control – Damage Control – thatʻs key. There will be a lot of difficult question. There are many uncomfortable questions to deal with. Panic. Blowback – How have you people been able to lie to us all these years? Media – Political – Universities – they have all been completely subverted. There may be a lot of angry people.

What is the status of our secret technology?

Well – What Do We Do?

We are dealing with an intelligence vastly beyond us.

Who are they?

Angels? Time Travelers? from other Dimensions? Some look like us and they are telepathic.

What Are Their Intentions? What Do They Want? Do They Want Our DNA?

Are They Interested in Our Bodies? Our Souls? Our World?

Even if they told us – How Would We Know?

Geopolitical Unrest

What would happen in the Middle East where all the oil is? This could portend the end of petroleum.

One of the Congressman said yesterday – If they are lying about this What Else Are They Lying About? 911? Underground Bases? Who Knows. It will all come out and it will be messy. Can we expect the CIA to give us all their information? I doubt they will walk away. I guarantee there are contingency plans on this scenario. You can never have lose control of the narrative. So you must produce an answer. They may not care if it is the right answer – it is all covert. I do not think Disclosure is the end of anything – it is the beginning and it is the beginning of many things. It will be on all of us to work as independent researchers and hold all these officials accountable.


There will still be very significant issues on Disclosure. Still will be the problem when a small amount of people own all the money. If 100 people in a room and there are $100 – one guy would have $45 second guy has $10 and most people have about 25 cents or nothing.

We are a four class society: Owners -Mangers -Worker Bees -Dispensables

Human Population – nothing can go like that forever. Global Eco disasters…

Water is a real problem. Deforestation is a big problem. Coral Bleaching. Over Fishing. Species Extinction. Food Crisis. GMO Crops. Nuclear Issues. Global Financial Crisis. All of these are interrelated.


There is going to be a battle between people and the folks who have been managing this problem (The Break-Away Society) and they are going to have to decide. There will be a moment of truth. What would the President do if he sides with the people. This is a great opportunity. Reclaim the Constitution. Create a new formalized structure of power. Lets call it a Global Structure. Everything is tied together and holds transnational corporate power under law. What we have right now is basically robbery. I have no idea how we will do that. We need someone with a lot of courage. Do we have the ability to make the world a better place? Iʻm not going to answer that. We will need a worldwide movement. The shock of Disclosure may cause it. Some people feel the ETs wonʻt come here until we raise our Consciousness. It will never happen. I think Disclosure – would bring an existential moment on people and people will ask Have I Been Wasting My Entire Life? Have I Lived My Life Wrong? I do think this could create a better world. There are many movements in the world to monitor us – monitor the internet. It is the battle between Freedom and Control.

The implications of a new energy paradigm? Energy is at the heart of this – weaning away from petroleum would be a messy process. It would be nice to heat your home for free. Technologies can be kinda scary. 3-D printing is on the way. Think Star Trek Replicator and thatʻs about it. What iPhone Apps are to iPhones – Smart people will come up with many kinds of neat inventions. This will break the stranglehold on many repressed technologies. Who knows how all of that will play out?

Will it give us Higher Consciousness?

They say Shift Happens. Are we in a Shift? We may look back on this time and say it was when Earth went through its Shift.

What will their response be? Will they be friendly, hostile or maybe aloof?


Virtual Reality?