One of life’s greatest mysteries is Death. We come into this world a baby, learn about the reality through childhood, gain experience through adulthood, enter the third age where we often revert to our inner child, and then, we die. Is death final? What happens when we die? Do we go to heaven or hell? It is no surprise that many people are afraid of death. Humans are naturally fearful of what they don’t understand. It is part of a biological built-in survival mechanism that we poses and is also heavily reinforced in our society primarily through fear based media, and religious dogma.

Fear is an illusion, a product of how our brain is wired to interpret reality. The heart contains an older form of consciousness which is perfectly aligned with the Universe and with all of Life. The Universe is a conscious, living being, and you are part of this. You are the Universe expressing itself as a human for a little while. You are God.
See The Quantum Nature of Reality: Science and Consciousness.

You are much more than your physical body. Your spirit is immortal. There has never been a time when you have not existed, and there never will be a time where you don’t exist. Your Consciousness exists outside of the body and is intimately connected to all life everywhere. There is only one Spirit that moves through all things. When your physical body dies your anchor to this dimension is severed. Death and birth are simply transitions to other states of being. Your spirit has been transitioning since the beginning of time. Every single person on Earth came from somewhere else. We all started from Source, gradually spiraling downward through the various dimensions and levels of consciousness, and at some point we will all return to Source.

When your physical body dies your consciousness transitions into the 4th dimension. This transition actually happens every night when you go to sleep! The 4th dimension is higher in vibration which results in a lighter, vibrant, more peaceful experience. You are returning to a dimension of great love and light. Every being (it doesn’t matter who they are or what they may have done) is received and welcomed in joy with open arms. The illusion of separation as we experience in this dimension does not exist there.

“The truth? There are no streets or mansions (or Human virgins) when you get to the other side… What there is, is a splendorous reality that you instantly remember. There is expansion, and you become the part of God that you always were, and all is known. You go home!”
Kryon through Lee Carroll

Each dimensional level is separated by the void. This is a region of nothingness from where everything came. All that exists in this formless state is your awareness or your consciousness. This is described as the dark tunnel by people that have had near death experiences. The light at the end of the tunnel is your birth or return into the next dimension of consciousness.

The first thing that happens while crossing over is the life review. This is often described by people that have had near death experiences as their lives flashing before their eyes. Here you will re-experience your entire life, with all of the emotional aspects that went along with it. From this higher perspective you will know everything that happened and the reasons for it.

Before we incarnate we map out a life plan which details certain experiences we wish to learn from. We continue to make choices and change this plan once we have incarnated through our own freewill. Sometimes difficult experiences are the result of past life karmic choices and sometimes we are just helping other souls balance their own karma out of love. From the other side, everything will make sense. While the life review is being conducted we will also experience how we affected every person we came into contact with and how they felt as a result of our choices and actions. This helps us to learn and gain wisdom through these experiences, while bringing balance to the energy created. If we still require further understanding or wish to explore some of these lessons in greater detail they will become the foundation behind the choices of our next incarnation.

There are many powerful, loving beings waiting for us when we cross over. They act as our guides and mentors and will walk us through our early experiences in this new dimension. They are also there to help us heal and recover from particularly difficult lives. The entire process is easy, loving, and gentle. Your are surrounded by the highest vibrations of peace and you will feel great. The laws of time and space do not exist here. You will also have the opportunity to see and experience how other life choices may have impacted you and you will have the ability to do everything you may have wanted to do while on the Earth but never had the chance. You will be able to be anywhere instantaneously. You will remain in this location on the 4th dimension for as long as you wish, and when you are ready you will be able to reincarnate and continue on your adventure.

In order to wrap up your experiences in the 3rd dimension and remain on the 4th, you will need to bring your physical body with you. This is essentially the ultimate goal of life in the 3rd dimension, the attainment of immortality. This can be accomplished through Death and Resurrection (recreating your body on the higher dimensions) or through the process of Ascension (consciously shifting your frequency and moving into the 4th dimension). If you can establish a connection with your higher-self (through your heart, through meditation) you have essentially won the game of life. Your higher-self will accelerate your evolution very quickly and tell you exactly how to make these transitions.

It doesn’t really matter if this is your goal in life or not. We are all here for different reasons. Eventually everyone will return to the higher levels as this creation comes to an end and everything is recalled back to Source. Life is perfect, whole and complete, and you need not worry about anything. Remember that you are God and God cannot be harmed. The beginning and the end are already known. The journey in between is what matters. It is the reason why we are here, because we chose to experience and to create.