“Every age, every generation has its built in assumptions, that the world is flat, that the world is round etc. There are hundreds of hidden assumptions, things we take for granted, that may or may not be true. Of-course in the vast majority of cases historically, these things aren’t true. So presumably, if history is any guide, much about what we take for granted about the world simply isn’t true. But we’re locked into these precepts without even knowing it. That’s a paradigm.” John Hagelin Ph.D

“We think that we live on a planet that is floating around the sun. It isn’t true! There is no planet and there is no sun, there isn’t anything… It’s just pure consciousness and nothing more.” Drunvalo Melchizedek

Our reality is nothing more than pure consciousness. This is a concept that many will find hard to accept yet somehow, internally, we know it to be true. The world around us is dense and solid and feels very real from our individual perspectives. Yet we are only aware of this worlds existence because we are conscious. If we died and became unconscious this world would cease to exist for us. So does it really exist? In order to gain some understanding we will start by deconstructing what constitutes our physical reality.

Queue science! The classical model of the atom was established by Ernest Rutherford (the father of nuclear physics), through his experiments in the early 1900’s. He was able to theorize the basic structure of the atom and was responsible for the discovery of the proton and under his leadership James Chadwick later discovered the neutron. This model established that there was a diffuse cloud of negatively charged electrons surrounding a very small nucleus. Niels Bohr expanded this model with a quantum physical interpretation showing the electrons to have circular orbits around the nucleus held together with electrostatic forces instead of gravity. This basic model remains sound but has since been superseded by quantum mechanics or quantum physics. Quantum mechanics leaves classical physics at the atomic and subatomic levels, the quantum realm. Here it “provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter” Wikipedia.

Ok, so what? Quantum physics has shown us there are two ways to perceive the world. As solid matter in the form of particles, or as pure energy waveforms. Energy and matter are interchangeable. Einstein was the first scientist to show that all matter is capable of being converted to pure energy with his theory of relativity (E=mc²). So you have two choices: You can see the Universe as being formed of pure energy, or you can see the physical reality as being solid, made from particles that are 99.9% empty space with a few electromagnetic particles, which are also made up of even more space and more particles that have no mass and volume which can also be converted into pure energy!

Now we can begin to see that what exists in the physical world, may not be as solid as we may have thought.

From a spiritual view point, everything is made up of light, color and sound. Everything in existence is pure energy and has an associated frequency or vibration. The more energy something contains the higher its frequency or vibration. The final piece of the puzzle: the underlying glue that holds everything together, is consciousness. This final piece of information is also a fundamental principle of quantum physics, sometimes called the observer effect or the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

So lets recap! Our reality has no fixed properties and is made up of pure energy, which is simply a product of your consciousness…

The entire Universe… is a product of your consciousness.

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the state of self awareness as experienced by you, the observer. You are aware of your reality and your existence within it. Typically we see ourselves as being inside a body looking out at a separate reality around us. This is a function of how our brain interprets the reality also known as polarity consciousness. A long time ago we were heart centered beings but we broke that connection and moved completely into our brains. The heart contains an older form of consciousness which only understands the unity of life. The heart is what makes a human being, the brain is a computer.

In all of existence there exists only one Universal consciousness from which all things stem. This consciousness has been given many labels over the centuries: Source, Spirit, God etc. The true nature, depth and scope of this supreme consciousness is so vast, it is completely beyond third dimensional human understanding. Many have tried to understand it, and mankind has given rise to many different belief systems and religions across the globe. Most of these thought systems are based in polarity consciousness, resulting in the creation of an external God. The truth is much simpler.

You are God.

Your consciousness is part of the Universal mind. You are not separate from reality. Your consciousness is your reality. Your reality is only limited by your own mental constructs. The truth is you have unlimited creative potential. When you come to understand this, you will no longer see yourself as a product of reality that reacts to circumstances. You have the innate ability to create, to form and shape reality to experience anything you truly desire.

Where focus goes, energy flows. This is the Universal Law of Attraction. Whatever you are focused on becomes your reality. The more energy you give something the stronger it becomes and the faster you will draw it into your experience. Creating from the brain is not advisable as the brain will also create the mirror opposite. You will create that which you desire and also bring forth things you didn’t.

Creating from the heart is the key. The heart will only create that which is beneficial for all of life. Move into your heart, into the sacred space and tiny space if you understand these things, and what you begin to visualize and dream from here will manifest in the outer world. Feeling it and knowing it is vital in the creation process. If you can achieve an alpha brainwave state this will also help, alpha waves are produced when we are relaxed and feeling happy. Always create as if the desired outcome is already your reality: I am, I have, It is now. If you were to visualize something as if it were ‘coming in the future’, it would forever be ‘coming in the future’ and would never manifest in the here and now. Understand that everything is in divine order and trust in Spirit.

Dimensions and Consciousness

Everything is energy, all is in motion. Everything is light, sound and color and has an associated frequency or vibration. Everything that exists within our perceivable reality (the third dimension), lies within a specific range of frequencies. There are many dimensional levels that exist simultaneously, superimposed over one another. The dimensions are separated into octaves of energy that correspond roughly with the chromatic scale in music. Each dimensional level has major chords or overtones of energy before moving up into a new octave and into a new dimension.

Another way to understand the above is through an analogy comparing consciousness to a television set. All TV channels exist simultaneously but we only tune in to one channel or specific frequency at a time. With consciousness, the higher we can raise our frequency or vibration, the higher we can move through the dimensional levels. We exist on the third dimension in our waking state. When we go to sleep at night, our consciousness transitions to the Astral Plane on the fourth dimension. The laws of reality are different here which is why dreams don’t often translate into third dimensional understanding. Here your reality is manifested instantaneously through thought. The fourth dimension is also where we transition when the physical body dies here in the third dimension. These transitions are not new to you. You have been transitioning for eons of time. Your spirit is immortal. You were there before the start of this creation and you will be there when it ends. You are God and God cannot be harmed.

“The Universe is a conscious living being and you are intimately connected. All life is one.”

Humanity’s collective consciousness is contained within a geometric electromagnetic grid that surrounds the Earth. At present there are three grids representing three levels of human consciousness. The first grid is connected to some indigenous groups from around the world, it is harmonic and aligned with nature. The second grid is what most of humanity is connected to and it is called polarity consciousness. This grid is less harmonic and destructive but a necessary progression in order for all of us to access the third grid. The third grid combines the geometry of the previous two grids and has been reconstructed over the last 13,000 years. It is called the Unity Grid or Christ Consciousness. This level of consciousness returns us to the heart. Everyone on Earth, past and present, will be moving into this new level of consciousness in the very near future. Our planet is in the process of transformation. A shift in consciousness also represents a dimensional shift.

Now we are starting to form a more holistic understanding of the nature of reality that explains many of life’s mysteries. Life exists in many different forms on many different levels of existence. If you were to imagine the electromagnetic spectrum as being a music keyboard that extended from the Earth to the Sun, visible light – the part that we can see – would take up only five keys! The rest is there and we know it exists but it is invisible to us. The higher dimensional levels of consciousness are completely beyond human understanding. As an example, Archangels do not need space ships to travel around, they can be anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

Accessing The Higher Dimensions

You can communicate directly with any being on any level of existence directly through your own consciousness. Try connecting through your heart and through natural psychic abilities. Note: There is a process to fully activate the pineal (psychic center in the brain) and as with anything in life, the more time and energy you devote to developing these natural abilities, the stronger they become. Communication takes on many forms at a quantum level, you may receive thoughts, you may feel a knowing, you may see things, hear things, and smell things. When it comes to our inner “vision” everyone is different. It is a different form of seeing, not necessarily visual like we are used to with the eyes. There is no right or wrong way. Be open and follow your intuition. If you wanted to consciously explore the higher realms, you can access the 4th dimension through the practice of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. You do this subconsciously every night when you go to sleep.

In order to physically move into the higher dimensions you need to take your body with you. There are currently three methods available to humanity to accomplish this on an individual basis. This can be done by transitioning through Death, Resurrection, or Ascension. Death is the easiest transition for humans as it is something we have been doing for a very long time. The problem is that we tend to die unconsciously. As a result we return to the third dimension to try again until we can die consciously or ascend. In order to die consciously, you need to have activated your light body or MerKaBa. When someone crosses over consciously, they are able to recreate their body on the next dimension and continue on. This process is known as resurrection.

Ascension involves directly moving into the higher dimensions bypassing the death process completely. This can be accomplished by manipulating the electromagnetic fields that surround the human body, this field is the MerKaBa or light body. With this method you will literally disappear from this world completely. The path to immortality has been walked by many people throughout the Earth’s history, most notably Jesus, Buddha and many deities from the ancient Egyptian traditions. Ascension can be achieved in a number of ways, through meditation, conscious manipulation of the Merkaba or Lightbody, direct communication with your higherself, and through new (ancient) pathways that involve moving into the sacred and tiny space of the heart. See the Meditation: Inner Tools for Spiritual Development section of the website for more information, or contact an Awakening The Illuminated Heart facilitator from Drunvalo Melchizedeks School Of Remembering.

The Key: Love Is The Way Home

It sounds simple enough, and yet this is the most important understanding required for any further spiritual development. It is at the heart of most religious and spiritual belief systems for a good reason. Neuroscience and psychology have discovered that there are two fundamental emotions that a human being can experience. These are Love and Fear. Other emotional responses are simply derivatives of these two core emotions. Mammalian brains have two opposing hormonal responses to stimuli: threatening stimuli cause an increase of stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol, and soothing or reassuring stimuli create an increase in oxytocin also known as the “love hormone”.

Emotions are quantum in nature, they are the physical manifestation of an intangible signal. Emotions also have a vibratory frequency associated with them. Fear generates a long slow wavelength where as Love is a high frequency energy. Remember energy and vibration is the foundation of existence. On a side note: Hans Jenny developed the science of Cymatics in the 1940’s, demonstrating that as sound vibration is passed through a medium, a resulting pattern is created. As the sound frequency is increased the patterns become increasingly complex.

Another physical relationship between the emotional states of love and fear relates to the activation of codon sites around the human body. In the human body there are 64 possible codes of amino acids within our DNA structure. Theoretically they should all be switched on however we only have about 20 of these 64 possibilities activated at any one time. Amino acid chains are needed for the creation of protein molecules which are the building blocks of life, and it is the codon sites that are responsible for synthesizing the protein molecules from the amino acid chains. Recent scientific discoveries have found the switch that turns the codon sites off and on is our emotions. The low frequency emotional states of fear reach fewer receptors compared to the higher frequencies of love which connect with more sites for coding along that pattern. Biologically this means that a person living in a state of fear has restricted access to life supporting functions of the body, translating to increased exposure to disease and health issues. An individual living in a state of Love has greater access to these life supporting bodily functions resulting in a healthy mind and body and even more advanced functions not yet activated or understood in the body.

Love is the key to raising your vibration. It starts with loving yourself and loving your family. It then grows outward reaching the rest of humanity. Everyone in the world is loved by someone else, we are all fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, cousins, friends and lovers. We are all connected. This love sees beyond race and gender and deeds. This love is unconditional in the understanding that all life is one and we are apart of each other. From there this love grows out to mother Earth and father Sun. The Earth gives us life, she sustains us and she loves us in ways we couldn’t comprehend. The same applies to the Sun and the rest of the cosmos. The entire Universe is an enormous interconnected system, based on the foundation of divine love.

Learning to forgive, learning to release judgement and learning to love are the most important lessons we could possibly master.

“Love is the way home.”
Drunvalo Melchizedek